Type of Case:
DUI Car Wreck.

What Happened:
Two sisters, both eighteen years old, were driving home one night when a drunk driver traveling the wrong direction on the freeway struck them head on.  The at-fault driver’s blood alcohol content was FIVE times the legal limit when tested an hour after the crash occurred.  The two sisters suffered extensive, horrific injuries.  One of the young women had an open femur fracture and paramedics needed to use the jaws of life to retrieve her from the vehicle.  The other suffered severe internal injuries and required multiple surgeries in the following weeks just to survive.  It was an unnecessary tragedy inflicted on their lives and their families.

Extensive video footage taken at local resort and casino showed the driver receiving alcoholic beverages while visibly intoxicated.  Despite this evidence, the resort was uncooperative.

In order to make the personal cost of this wreck clear, we focused on the background of the sisters.  We told stories of young, student-athletes on their way to college and bright futures; futures stolen by the recklessness of the driver and the wanton disregard for the value of human life by a major corporation.  Stories of two innocent people whose lives are forever marred.

After diligently fighting with the major corporation that owns the Casino, the sisters were awarded a substantial sum of money that helped to bring some justice.