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Injured? Victimized? Seeking fair compensation for yourself or a loved one? If so, I’m the right personal injury attorney for you. Because when your case is my case, your battle is my battle.

As one who grew up in northern New Mexico, I’m proud to represent local people whose lives have been unfairly traumatized.

Despite negligent or reckless behavior that can have life-altering impacts, large institutions like insurance companies, corporations, and governments routinely deny legitimate claims made by ordinary people. That’s just not fair.

My passion is for justice on behalf of David v. Goliath. As your legal counselor and advocate, I take your case personally. We treat you with the individual attention and respect you deserve, every step of the way.

We’re not a cheesy operation seeking easy-come, lowball settlements. Neither are we a big firm with a huge overhead and lots of partners to enrich. We are tactical litigation team with the resources and expertise required to go to trial if necessary—and win. We know how to tell your story in compassionate, human terms, and how to fight for justice for you and your family.

We are here to provide you with sound legal counsel and compassionate advice. Call today for a free consultation.




"Aaron Boland managed my car accident claim expertly! He and his team skillfully negotiated with the insurance company and I received a settlement far beyond what I could have expected. He knows how to truly advocate for his clients!! Thank you!"


"Mr. Boland helped me settle my motorcycle accident in the state of Colorado going above and beyond my expectations. Him and his team explained the entire process and advised accordingly. I’m very happy I found Mr. Boland to help me with my case, without his help I would’ve been stuck with several medical bills. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs help."


“I was injured, my car was totaled, the perp ran from the scene, and was indicted on 5 felony counts. I am a senior citizen and having the kindness and understanding from a legal adviser is very important to me. Aaron did it all. He gave me accurate advice up front and answered all questions without hesitation…  Aaron is the lawyer I will go to if I ever need legal advice again.”


“Aaron Boland has been so helpful in informing me on my legal maters! I couldn't have done it without him! Great man to work with! I highly recommend him to you! Very professional and good vibes!”


“Aaron Boland handled my situation very impressively. He was very knowledgeable and provided excellent advice and within a few minutes of talking to him I felt a whole lot more relaxed about my situation. He dealt with the multi-facteted and complicated nature of my case and took appropriate action. It was an immense relief to find such professional representation and it was obvious he is very well respected within the criminal justice system in the area that he works which I think is tremendously important in getting cases dismissed.”


“I hired Mr. Boland for a sensitive criminal case arising from a domestic issue. He tenaciously defended the case and got it dismissed right before Christmas. Because of his understanding of the system and genuine caring for my family this difficult situation had a good outcome for us. Thank you Mr. Boland I would recommend you to anyone who finds themself in need of an attorney.”


“We hired Aaron to attempt to resolve a real estate lawsuit against us. Throughout the 'battle', Aaron was willful in his attempts to end the conflict in a timely fashion, charging us the least bill-able hours as possible, while sticking to his stance with the opposing counsel. He brought the suit to conclusion, and we could not have been happier with the outcome.”


“It is difficult to put into words the emotion one retains after an experience so intense and foreign as a personal injury lawsuit so, I will just impart the facts.  Mr. Boland, by virtue of his professional and calm approach, deliberate yet cautious execution, prepared me in a way that helped us to an ultimately successful outcome. He is frank, and unapologetic, but listens, answers questions, and does the work necessary for the case. This is a person you want in your corner.”


“I was injured in an auto accident 4 +years ago.  After being offered an insulting settlement by the defendant’s insurance company, I sought the advice of Aaron Boland…  He explained and described the process and was helpful, human and professional throughout our interactions.  Getting through the interrogatory phase was possible with Legal Secretary Michelle Bishop’s thorough and compassionate help.  We settled the case in a mediation which was an unexpectedly enjoyable process because of Mr Boland’s articulate thoroughness and the fairness of the mediator we were lucky enough to work with.  A stressful process I was anxious to get through turned out better than I anticipated and has brought a great deal of relief.  I enthusiastically recommend Aaron Boland and will call on him again should I need legal help.”


“Aaron Boland is an amazing lawyer.  I was confused and did not know what to do, and he helped me understand every aspect of my case and helped me understand my rights.  Gracias Aaron Boland.”


“Aaron Boland helped me with a legal situation, and he achieved the best possible outcome, a dismissal.   Aaron clearly explained the entire process up front, and sure enough, the situation unfolded as he said it likely would.  Aaron Achieved a successful outcome for me.  Thank you.”


“Aaron did a great job him and his staff are professional and on top of things emails and phone calls keeping his clients informed about our insurance case resulted in a victory for us.”


“My case was tragic when I was rear ended and lost my Two year old son a week after his bday.  I had almost lost my other two children and myself. My case took a long almost 5 whole years but I am so satisfied with work that Aaron and his team done… I would recommend Aaron for anyone who needs an attorney.”


"Aaron gave me exactly the legal advice I needed after being hit from behind by a drunk driver. I was injured, my car was totaled, the perp ran from the scene, and was indicted on 5 felony counts. I am a senior citizen and having the kindness and understanding from a legal adviser is very important to me. Aaron did it all. He gave me accurate advice up front and answered all questions without hesitation. Because of his work, the claim allowed me to buy a house and live well. Aaron is the lawyer I will go to if I ever need legal advice again."


“Aaron is an honest, competent and strong lawyer. I am very satisfied with my accident case that Aaron led. I have also seen Aaron in court and he is very articulate, competent, and persuasive as a prosecuting attorney. He's also a very good listener and thoroughly reviews evidence and facts. You want him on your side!”

Michael Garcia