TYPE OF CASE: Car wreck.

WHAT HAPPENED: A family of four from Mexico was travelling legally after visiting family in Colorado. On the interstate near Santa Fe, their car was sandwiched between vehicles, and got crushed from the rear by an RV going 70 mph. All four members of the family were injured, and the 18-month-old toddler needed emergency brain surgery.

CHALLENGES: Because of their nationality, these were particularly vulnerable clients. The initial police report incorrectly blamed the father for the wreck, making an insurance claim and compensation for the family’s considerable damages impossible to pursue.

STRATEGY, TACTICS: We engaged an expert in the specialized field of accident reconstruction. He proved that the father was not at fault, convinced the policeman that he had been wrong, and the officer changed his report accordingly. We filed a thorough and persuasive demand to the insurance companies of the other drivers.

FOR THE WIN: After facing the prospect of financial ruin due to significant medical expenses, the family received a significant settlement that they considered this a fair and just compensation.