It is illegal to threaten, or intentionally make contact with a household member, if that action or touching was unwanted. The definition of household member is very broad. Even if the physical contact was minimal, you may still get charged with an assault and battery. A conviction for assault or battery against a household member is a misdemeanor, carrying a maximum of one year in jail. Domestic crimes can be aggravated to a felony if it was committed with a weapon for example. A conviction for a domestic crime will preclude you from ever owning or possessing a firearm under federal law.

A lawyer will make sure that the Police and District Attorney have followed the strict rules, laws, and regulations that apply to every criminal case, and get both sides of the story. We can question whether the arrest was constitutional, and interview the alleged victim. Did the officer have a warrant? Was I read my rights? Did I consent to be searched? Was this an accident? Can we suppress the evidence? These questions and many more should be evaluated in every case. Please call Aaron J. Boland for a free consultation.