Being investigated and charged with a crime can be one of the most stressful and demeaning experiences you will ever face. Police and prosecuting attorneys have the power to arrest you, charge you with a crime, and try to put you in jail. It is important to have someone on your side. Please do not talk to any officers before you consult with an attorney. Call Aaron J. Boland to consult with a lawyer in Santa Fe for free, 24/7. 505-231-6582

Having a lawyer on your side is essential to your defense. A lawyer can demand that the government is following the rules, that police are not violating the constitution, and that your rights are being protected. You have the right to remain silent and to consult with an attorney. Please exercise your right to remain silent, and call Aaron J. Boland at any time.

The law can be very complicated.   How do you know when your rights have been violated? Can you be charged with a DWI when you were under .08? What are the elements of the charges against me? What is the difference between a jury trial and a bench trial? Can I file a motion to suppress evidence? No two cases are the same, so it is crucial that you talk to a lawyer about your particular facts. Call Aaron J. Boland for a free consultation.